Qualtim Adds Third Party & Special Inspections to CBI

Center for Building Innovation

Kirk Grundahl


The current supply chain crisis has put a spotlight on dependency. It is weird when a supplier, a bureaucracy, or even a customer can unilaterally say, “you must do it our way or the highway!” Does Joe Rogan’s 70 episodes disappearing from Spotify come to mind?

Qualtim is fortunate that we have customers and staff who happily take the highway of unique ideas and mutual benefit. Our journey has always been grounded in helping to introduce cutting-edge products, materials, designs, and methods of construction.

On December 29, 2021, the journey toward supporting our customers’ independence took its next step forward. Our Center for Building Innovation (CBI) successfully became an ISO/IEC 17020 third-party and special inspection approved agency through ANAB accreditation.

This, combined with our comprehensive ISO/IEC 17025 structural testing accreditation, confirms our commitment to helping each of our customer’s unique ideas become a market place reality, while also providing expert support for reliability and assured quality.

Learn more about CBI’s Accreditations

What does this mean for you?

Our work is focused on your mission to innovate, because our collective passion is to unreservedly support creative and independent thinking, which is an odds-on favorite to transform tradition-bound markets.

Through your knowledge and our teamwork, your ideas will become profit centers through common sense approaches to product development, testing, calibration, engineering, and quality assurance.

Flowchart of Qualtim Family of Brands BusinessesThis is a depiction of our support system where our mission is to assist you in creating new and different solutions that will profitably meet your customers' needs and grow your independence.

In the past 18 months, we have been helping with innovations that will become known for creating freedom from dependency’s shackles. Unleashed, freedom causes a flood of new ideas. Our customers are sensational in that each has a passion to break fraternal and establishment-like constraints through their unique missions, products, designs, and methods of construction.

This is energizing. For help in breaking through artificial ceilings, please contact Jill Zimmerman (608-310-6722), Jan Pauli (608-310-6746) or John Fredrick (608-310-6734).

With our best wishes that the rest of 2022 is the year that your experiences, ideas, and business growth flourish in a Frank Sinatra way!

Our 24-hour “Desire for Independence and Innovation Support Line” is 608-217-3713, please call as needed.