Qualtim Family of Brands

What's the next step for your great idea?

Qualtim is the place to start for strategic planning, project management, mentoring, and consulting, all focused on innovation development. Our family of brands then provides the services and support needed to successfully make your idea a reality in the market.

Qualtim Family of Brands Infographic showing how Qualtim, DrJ, CBI and Pushing7 are related and the services each provides


icon of calculator to depict Code Approved Evaluation Reports
Code Approved Evaluation Reports: Technical Evaluation Reports are ANAB authenticated reports that certify your innovative product, material, design and/or method of construction meets current code requirements. Per IBC Section 1701, “building officials shall accept duly authenticated Research Reports from approved agencies in respect to the quality and manner of use of new materials or assemblies as provided for in Section 104.11.” By definition, an approved agency is acceptable to a building official by being an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited third-party certification body. DrJ complies.
icon of drafting compass to depict Structural Engineering
Structural Engineering: DrJ delivers design and detailing through the eyes of the installer. From I-joists, trusses, shear walls, and connection systems to complete building design, DrJ is a one-stop shop to eliminate RFIs.
icon of recording device to depict Code Approved Testing
Code Approved Testing: The application of your innovation begins with understanding real-life performance through ISO/IEC 17025 testing at CBI. This leads to accurately calibrated design properties, efficient member design, and competitive outcomes.
icon of clip board to depict Code Approved Inspections
Code Approved Inspections: Your customer demands consistent performance in the field. CBI’s ISO/IEC 17020 third party inspection process assures this.
icon of rocket blasting off to depict Marketing Support & Branding
Marketing Support & Branding: Creating your innovation is step 1. Generating cash from sales requires a market development support team that deploys the right skills at the right time. Pushing7 can assist with content development for websites, social media, infographics, news items, installation guides, technical support, and other design tools.   
icon of computer monitor with a cog to depict Web & Digital Services
Web & Digital Services: Successful marketing requires a strong digital backbone. Pushing7 provides custom web development, web/virtual desktop hosting, and network support that lay a solid foundation for your innovation to thrive.

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