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From your first kernel of an idea all the way to profitable sales, we listen to your needs and combine your expertise with the diversity of our staff’s knowledge to develop a collaborative, creative plan to propel your innovation’s success.

Qualtim has developed a tried-and-true roadmap for testing, listing, technical evaluation, and specialty engineered design drawings of alternative materials, products, designs, and/or methods of construction where plan review approval is the goal.

We support your SUCCESS with our team’s expertise and experience in the construction industy!

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CBI Testing & Listing

Captures real-life performance (i.e., strength and rigidity) through ISO/IEC 17025 testing to simulate actual applied loads and conditions of use. This results in a duly authenticated report that is “ICC Approved” to verify an innovation has been tested and is suitable for use in a specified manner. 

DrJ Technical Evaluation Report™ (TER)

Simplifies the code compliance process with a duly authenticated report that is an “ICC Approved” research report. We are the only ANAB Accredited Certification Body to stand behind our research reports with a PE seal.

CBI Inspection

Provides ISO/IEC 17020 quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) to ensure that design properties used in engineering analysis are consistent with the original testing.

DrJ Structural Engineering

Establishes the foundation of our structural analysis: "The strength and rigidity of the component parts and/or the integrated structure can be determined by engineering analysis for the conditions of application that occur." Services include specialty engineered design drawings, structural design, engineering evaluation letters, structural engineering, CAD details, technical support, training, and consultation.  

ABTG Standards Development

Protects IP and trade secrets by developing internal, ANSI-like standards for new materials, products, designs, and/or methods of construction, which can evolve into public ANSI standards through a documented consensus process.  

ABTG Building Science Calculators

Supports our guiding principle of building science: “The weather, air, thermal, and fire performance of the component parts and/or the integrated structure shall be determined by engineering analysis or by suitable performance tests to simulate the actual conditions of application that occur.” 

Pushing7 Marketing Support & Branding

Strengthens sales and market development via content creation for websites, social media, infographics, installation guides, technical support, and other design tools. 

Pushing7 Web Development & Digital Services

Provides innovative web development services customized to meet your unique business needs. Digital services include managed web/virtual desktop hosting and network support.

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The current and future success of your business is our focus. Qualtim has built an exceptional team to provide innovative testing, engineering and regulatory evaluation solutions.

Our expertise includes:

  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Structural testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Building science
  • Expert investigation & legal consulting
  • Technical & code compliance support
  • Market development
  • Marketing, branding, & website development

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