Innovation Is Found by Fearlessly Winnowing for Knowledge


Kirk Grundahl


The University of Wisconsin Madison’s Bascom Hall features a plaque dedicated by the class of 1910, but made famous by Rodney Dangerfield in the movie “Back to School.” While the language is a bit outdated, the concept still rings true more than a century later:

“Whatever may be the limitations which trammel inquiry elsewhere, we believe that the great state University of Wisconsin should ever encourage that continual and fearless sifting and winnowing by which alone the truth can be found.”

My point?

Sometimes what we have been told is true is not and the facts need to be separated from the chaff (i.e., winnowed) for the truth to be made clear. For instance, did you know that Thomas Edison did NOT invent the light bulb or that people DO use more than ten percent of their brains?

Does anyone remember the market fear that Katerra and Inphastos infused into the emotional stream of consciousness a few years back? It inspires us all to revisit a few market structure facts and fundamentals.

When you dig deeper for facts, it leads to greater knowledge that stands the test of time. This is what successful, durable businesses are built on.

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Do you have a vision for the future?

Truth is important; and as Katerra shows, a deep understanding of how an industry’s market functions is equally so. Our goal with the Qualtim Family of Brands is to become your partner and help you find eye-opening truth, where depth of knowledge is central to creating durable and profitable construction industry innovation. (See the video on our home page for a quick overview.)

For those who desire to change the construction market, we sincerely believe our collective innovative spirit is the only path to overcoming traditions and habits – those “limitations that trammel inquiry.” We enjoy collaborating with many special people in companies we serve who have a clear vision for the evolution of their businesses. When they team up with our exceptional staff, their unique DNA and ours is the fabric that creates a new, differentiated, and profitable future.

When the foundation of knowledge is sound, stacking success is assured.

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Engage Qualtim for consultation, Center for Building Innovation for testing and quality assurance, DrJ Engineering for product approval and engineering, and Pushing7 for market development support.

Our goal is to serve you with the knowledge we have to help your company attain heights you did not think were possible. We’d be honored to be a support system for you in testing truths, learning new facts, and growing your market. Please give us a call!