Streamline Your FL Product Approval Process


Kirk Grundahl


We are pleased to announce that DrJ Engineering, LLC has been designated by the Florida Building Commission as an approved agency to meet your Florida product evaluation, product certification and professional engineering needs. For more information, please visit the DrJ website.

As the 2020 FBC - Building, 7th edition states in Section 1707.1, “the building official shall accept duly authenticated reports from approved agencies in respect to the quality and manner of use of new materials or assemblies as provided for in Section 104.11.”

DrJ is an approved agency through its ANAB ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation.

As a registered professional engineering (PE) organization, DrJ is also a FBC defined Approved Source.  Our Technical Evaluation Reports are code compliant “Research Reports” (per FBC 1703.4.2), defined as “supporting data, where necessary to assist in the approval of products, materials or assemblies not specifically provided for in this code….”

Through generally accepted PE practice, DrJ signs, seals, and stands behind the professional work we do. 

We understand it’s vital to get your innovation to market as quickly as possible to generate rapid sales! Our high quality service and streamlined approach will meet your product evaluation or certification needs at an accelerated pace to help you secure lasting success.

And best of all, DrJ’s work is signed, sealed, and delivered, with a focus on your passion for innovation.

DrJ is part of Qualtim’s family of brands, where building innovation thrives!

We would love to learn more about the innovative products, processes, and services you are currently working on and discuss how our companies can be part of your team from idea to implementation via 17025 testing and 17065 code approvals.

Contact us today to get started!