Engineering Consulting

Finite element analysis modeling sounds like something the average person would prefer to endure only slightly more often than a root canal. Yet, we live for it, and have spent years perfecting our modeling capabilities. It's just one example of the cutting-edge technological approach we take when helping our clients with their engineering and design needs.

Whether you need engineering consulting, manufacturing best-practices or technical writing, we can't wait to tackle the hard stuff. Bring it on!

It looks like a chorus line...

...without all the singing and dancing. Our flexible in-situ testing capabilities is just one of the reasons why we are unlike any other testing facility in the country.

It starts with a strong foundation.

Over the past four years, we have conducted several ground-breaking structural tests that will have a profound impact on the building construction industry going into the future. And we’ve only just begun.

Is it an Autobot or a Deceptacon?

No, it doesn’t transform itself, but it can transform the industry. Our engineers have designed several revolutionary testing devices to capture data that we previously uncapturable.