Testing Capabilities

Our facility is a gateway.

Our approach will help you verify the capabilities and performance of your new product ideas to help you get them to market in a fraction of the time it takes through the traditional approach.

You could cut the tension in the room with a knife…

...or a 40,000 pound actuator. By testing products to failure within an in-situ environment, we have found that what is expected to fail first doesn’t.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill testing facility. We can conduct anything from traditional, single-element testing, to full, in-situ system testing, and everything in between.

Need single-element testing?  We can verify:

  • Adhesive, nail, screw, staple, hanger and related fastener performance
  • Joist, rafter, truss, header, beam, wall and related structural member performance

Want real world performance?  With in-situ testing, we can verify:

  • Fastener performance in the connection system
  • Structural member performance when all the connections and load distribution elements are attached
  • Diaphragm performance
  • Flow of loads throughout the system

Choose your loading conditions:

  • We can apply lateral, gravity and uplift loads
  • Loads can be applied individually or simultaneously
  • Loading pattern can be monotonic or cyclic